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Press Release – August 2017

BlueFire Fastpitch, a not for profit organization established in 2005, is pleased to announce some important developments and changes to its program!

With a philosophy quite different from others, BlueFire aims to develop mature, respectful student-athletes ready to embrace college and everyday challenges faced in life. This methodical approach is cultivated throughout the organization and provides the foundation for all of our Teams.

BlueFire has accomplished a massive amount of success over the years and has guided our student-athletes in the direction they desire. Sometimes that direction is to play college softball, and sometimes it is purely driven by academics.

Every year, BlueFire aims to provide more value to its players, the program and the development of our student-athletes. This year, BlueFire has teamed up with Prospect Sports, a dynamic training facility, to provide a home for our student-athletes. This state-of-the-art facility has amazing lighting, wide cages, knowledgeable staff and outstanding in-house programs that aim to develop the entire athlete. Going forward, every BlueFire Team will train at Prospect Sports.

BlueFire has also added, through Prospect Sports, arm care, a speed and agility program and a strength training program for all of our student-athletes.

In addition, BlueFire has a certified mental training coach who will conduct consistent mental training for our student-athletes. As this coach preaches, “You are never physically prepared unless you are mentally prepared”. This coach will incorporate his established and proven mental training skills into all BlueFire Teams’ training.

Finally, ALL BlueFire Teams will be trained by a highly competent and experienced staff of trainers. ALL training will be done by BlueFire trainers who have played collegiate softball and have experience playing, understanding and coaching girls’ softball.

There are many other exciting things going on in our organization! If your daughter is interested in trying out for one of our Teams, please visit our website and come to one of the tryouts. We look forward to meeting you!

Download this press release.

BlueFire Press Release - 2017
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