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Play Like A Champion!

Welcome to BlueFire Girls Fastpitch Softball. Our players have developed over the years into very competitive and respectful teams throughout Long Island and beyond. During the years, BlueFire Softball girls captured some great victories. They continued to learn the game, respected each other, had fun and won. Our pyramid philosophy of success has guided us through the years. BlueFire Softball is routinely competing all day during elimination round games. The team has won tournaments all throughout Long Island, Upstate and New Jersey. The Team has even enjoyed the opportunity to play at Hofstra University, under the lights. Over the years, BlueFire has earned bids to ASA, USSA, Triple Crown and PONY Nationals. Aside from our record, we will continue to develop as a Team and enjoy the game of softball. Along the way, we are encouraged by the friends we make and the fun we have. We will continue to Play For the Love of The Game and forge a reputation of respectful softball.

Exceeding Expectations!

Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anybody expects of you. Never excuse yourself.

~ Henry Ward Beecher


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BlueFire 2010 Team Is Looking for Some Additional Players to Finalize Its Roster

This is for players born in 2010. If you are interested, please , fill out an application form, or .